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UK Plumbing Qualifications Explained

apprentice plumber at work

Before I tell you about plumbing qualifications I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on choosing this industry as a possible new career move for you. Plumbing is such a rewarding career with great potential to expand…

Plumbing Apprenticeships

plumbing apprenticeships uk

Getting started on the road to becoming a plumber Entering into the plumbing industry can be quite daunting you may not fully understand the best options that suit your requirements for some the best route is via training centres that…

What is Part P?

plumbing part p

That’s a very good question and I hope to provide you with the answers you’re looking for. Basically on January 1st 2005 there were a few new building regulations made and Part P was just one of these. The building…

Plumbing Courses

uk plumbing courses

I’ll tell you all about plumbing training centres soon, I promise, but first I would like to explain all about plumbers to you and why plumbing is such a good career move for you. Ok so if you didn’t already…

How much can I earn when I become a plumber?

plumber earnings in UK

Plumbers all over the UK are enjoying very good salaries but even more so the closer you get to London and the South East of England, including the Home Counties. There are many reasons why plumbers enjoy good wages and…