How much can I earn when I become a plumber?

Plumbers all over the UK are enjoying very good salaries but even more so the closer you get to London and the South East of England, including the Home Counties. There are many reasons why plumbers enjoy good wages and the main one of all is the fact there’s not enough of them to satisfy the whole country.  Demand really does outstrip supply and it’s for this reason why they enjoy the rewards they earn, that and the fact that plumbing is a highly regarded skill that not many people can get to grips with, remember there’s always someone needing a plumber. So all I can say is if you live in London or surrounding areas, becoming a plumber here is like hitting the jackpot!

Let’s rewind now to the question that was put, how much do plumbers earn on average? Well we know it’s good but I bet you didn’t think it would be this good. Plumbers when first qualified can expect to earn between £16,500 and £21,000 in a year. Those more experienced in their field really do reap the rewards, they can enjoy anywhere between £21,000 and £35,000 a year. Yes I know WOW what did I tell you?

Remember though these are just average prices and the rates you set will vary greatly depending on where your location is. They could be even higher than these figures. Also remember that if you’re planning on working as your own boss as a self employed plumber you get the great opportunity of setting out your own rates. Just think you can charge what you like, well, within reason of course!

So there you have it that is what the average plumber gets here in the UK, the figures make good reading which I hope will encourage you on with your studies in becoming a qualified plumber here in the UK or maybe even further afield. Remember it’s not just here in the UK that plumbers are needed you’re services would be greatly appreciated all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Get on with it and good luck!