Plumbing Apprenticeships

Getting started on the road to becoming a plumber

Entering into the plumbing industry can be quite daunting you may not fully understand the best options that suit your requirements for some the best route is via training centres that offer flexible learning schedules. For other though the best road into the industry is via an apprenticeship. Now I’m sure you’re already aware that plumbing is a fantastic career move especially if your young and just starting out on your training programme. Becoming a plumber will offer you peace of mind that comes with job security, no more worrying about work or lack of it!

You may want to work for a plumbing company or maybe you love the idea of working for yourself and the bonuses that come with it for example choosing your own hours and setting your own rates.

Before I go into talking about apprenticeships I would just quickly like to remind you that it’s not just this country that’s crying out for qualified plumber’s people all over the world need them for many different tasks. Just think once you become fully qualified the world is your oyster you could be working as a plumber on the other side of the world, if that’s one of your dreams, go for it! Canada, Australia and New Zealand would love to have you working as a plumber. That’s the beauty of becoming qualified, once you are a plumber that’s it, no one can take it off you.

Apprenticeships – what’s involved

Well if you’re going down the apprenticeship route you can expect it to take in between 2 and 4 years to successfully complete your training. Training as an apprentice is usually best suited to those just out of school, however anyone can go for it but there is an age limit. I’ll discuss this a little later. Your apprenticeship will be split between theory lessons and of course practice. The theory side of training will take place at your local training centre where you’ll be taught all technical theory. Then you can put all the theory learning into practice when you’re out on the job with the person training you up.

This time is precious, not everyone has the opportunity to train up this way and you must remember to take the time to master and absorb everything that’s being done. These people are experts in their line of work and you must grab this opportunity with both hands. Remember you cannot learn everything via a textbook learning on the job is just as valuable.

There are other bonuses that comes with apprenticeships and that’s you get to know a lot of people including suppliers, tradesmen and also construction workers. These people may be of great help to you when you become qualified.

Apprentices also get paid you’ll be paid the basic salary of £95.00 each week, however sometimes it is much more than this, there isn’t really a fixed amount you earn but you must be paid at least £2.60 an hour.

So how do I get on an apprenticeship scheme?

Ok so to get on an apprenticeship scheme you don’t need to have any formal entry qualifications, all you need is the will to succeed in your quest in becoming a qualified plumber. As I said earlier there is an age limit and you must be between 16 and 24, also you must have normal colour vision. Those over the age of 24 shouldn’t be disheartened however for they too may succeed in getting on an apprenticeship scheme. It will be a lot harder but not impossible. There are limited spaces available and everyone wants them, competition is fierce indeed.

If you are over 24 and want to try to get on an apprenticeship scheme why not try ringing up a few local plumbers? They may be taking on themselves or if not they may know of someone who is, it’s definitely worth a go and you never know you may just hit the jackpot!

Remember if you can’t get on an apprenticeship scheme it’s not the end of the world, there are many other routes into the plumbing industry, including training centres, which are located all over the UK.

If you need more info on apprenticeships and how to apply to get on one the government has a free “National Apprenticeship Helpline” call them on 08000150600.

There is also a website available for more info if you would like to receive an information pack. The website is

So that’s it from me, I really hope you have gained a lot more info on apprenticeships and all that’s involved. It really is a fantastic way into this exciting industry with huge rewards waiting to be reaped. So good luck with it all and enjoy your apprenticeship.